Should I still job hunt during the holidays?

by Fraser Traverse, Traverse Jobs

December may seem like a distracted month at work, but make no mistake:


Stakeholders in DC are definitely getting ready for the new Congress in January. And that includes hiring new employees now.


We’ve talked a lot about the surge in job postings prior to and since the election, including here and here. But if you aren’t on board yet (on our job board, that is), now is the time to sign up.


Here are a few other reasons to look for a job during the holidays:

    1. 1. Budgets and hiring needs are set for 2019. Employers want to hit the ground running. 
    1. 2. With regular employees out of the office, hiring managers have time to focus on resumes.
    1. 3. There are networking opportunities galore — holiday parties, volunteer drives, etc.
    1. 4. A number of people actually quit once bonuses have been distributed, leading to unexpected openings at some businesses.
    1. 5. There may be less competition for the job you are interested in because everyone else thinks it’s not a good time to look.
    1. 6. People are generally in better moods and you may get that break you need.
    1. 7. It's best not to lose momentum in your job search. Stopping now and getting going again in January can be tough mentally.

Best wishes for a productive and fruitful holiday season!


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