Over my 6 years in DC, Brad Traverse again and again proved to be a highly effective one stop shop for personal job searching and my hiring needs. One shouldn't look for work or try to hire without Brad Traverse's help.
- Scott, Executive Director


This page provides information about the types of job leads available on this site. You must subscribe to view the actual leads.

All jobs are located in the Washington-Baltimore metro area, unless otherwise indicated. Also, unless otherwise indicated, all government jobs are more than likely federal (e.g., "Dept. of Transportation" means "U.S. Dept. of Transportation").

Please remember that we are only passing these leads along and are not in any way involved in filling the positions.

If you are looking for a job in a specific industry, with a special focus, or with a narrow job title, be sure to search by keyword in the box provided at the top of the job leads page and use the pull-down menu to narrow down the job type. Or use the advanced search function to search by employer, date or more complex keywords strings.

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New job leads are added on a daily basis. Again, they can be searched by keyword and sorted by job type.


All Job Types
As the title implies, this includes every listing in the database, sorted by date. The newest listings are at the top. There are currently more than 4,000 listings. All jobs are deleted after three months, unless removal is requested sooner by the employer. We do not maintain an archive of old postings.

Capitol Hill
(U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives)

These listings include all personal office positions, committee positions, and administrative positions in Congress. We also post listings for Member office positions in district offices on occasion. Job titles include legislative assistant, legislative director, press secretary, communications director, chief of staff, intern, receptionist, staff assistant, scheduler, executive assistant, secretary, legislative correspondent, administrative assistant, district office director, caseworker, office manager, professional staff member, research assistant, staff director, and legal counsel.

Government Affairs
Look here for any type of lobbying, policy, analysis, or research position. Examples of job titles in this category include lobbyist, government/legislative affairs director or manager, research assistant, fellow, manager or director of advocacy, and issues analyst or specialist.

Communications/P.R./Social & Digital Media/Journalism
Washington is a town of talkers, so here's where to look for anything related to communicating a message. These listings include media relations, public relations, public affairs, reporter, social media marketing, writer/editor, and account management jobs.

Fundraising and campaigning. Never better than now!

Executive Management
Look here for executive leadership positions that generally require 10 or more years of experience. Examples of job titles in this category include executive director, senior director, executive vice president, and president/ CEO.

International Affairs
Examples of job titles include trade representative, trade specialist, foreign affairs officer, as well as all of the titles normally found in government affairs (see above).

These include public policy-oriented attorney, counsel or paralegal positions for both the public and private sectors.

All types of ways to get your foot in the door or move up the ladder as a professional administrator. Positions include receptionist, executive assistant, scheduler, and office manager.

This town could not run without interns. They are so important, we gave them their own database! When you log in, you will be on the regular job listings page. Click "Internships" under the "Jobs" tab. This category covers positions found in all fields, including Capitol Hill, trade associations, corporate offices, nonprofit and advocacy groups, PR firms, political campaigns, and government agencies.