I enjoy using this website for searching for opportunities in and around Washington, D.C. I know that this site gets these listings before anyone else and I am pleased to have this service.

Career Center Memberships

Traverse Jobs is the leading job board for political, policy and PR jobs in Washington, DC. If your students want to intern or work full-time in DC, look no further! When you subscribe to our website, you will find more than 4,000 full-time jobs (many are entry level) and upwards of 1,000 internships depending on the time of year. New jobs are posted daily and expire at 90 days, so there is no need to wade through stale employment listings.

The annual subscription rates for colleges and universities are scaled to the size of the student body you serve:

Fewer than 2,000 students: $350.00
2,000 students or more: $550.00

After signing up, you will receive an "unlimited access" password. What that means is that any number of individuals can be logged in at one time with the email/password combination assigned to you. (When individuals subscribe, only one person can be logged in at one time.)

To benefit from this all-access subscription you can share with the students you serve, we require that you:
A) Store the login information -- email and password -- on a password-protected site so that it is not on an open source that would be searchable by non-university students.
B) Offer it only to attending students. Alumni should subscribe as individuals directly with Traverse Jobs.

Questions? Email support@traversejobs.com for help.

 Fewer than 2,000 students: $350.00
 2,000 students or more: $550.00


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