Juggling a Job Search and Parenting: Tips for Making It Work

by Natasha Burton, healthline Parenthood, September 4, 2020

“Share valid articles in your field and comment on them thoughtfully to show that you are an active observer of the news and issues you care about,” says Fraser Traverse, who runs a job board for people looking for work in politics and policy in the Washington, DC area.

As Traverse notes, “This takes very little time, and potential employers will most certainly be reviewing your accounts, so it’s critical to show your engagement.”

As others comment on your posts, you’ll feel like you’re still part of the action, and you’ll be contributing thoughtful content, too.

Traverse also suggests making sure that you turn on the “open to work” setting on LinkedIn so recruiters can find you.

“You can fill in the types of jobs you would prefer and then you’ll show up in recruiter searches,” she says. “As a colleague once said about this feature, your next employer can find you even as you sleep.”