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Traverse Jobs connects people with D.C. jobs and positions across the country that impact policy and social change across the nation.


Members have access to a comprehensive database of D.C. jobs searchable by category, keyword, or job level.


Updated constantly, the site has D.C. jobs and positions around the nation ranging from entry-level to CEO, from intern to chief of staff, and everything in between.


Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike all rely on Traverse Jobs as their leading job resource when they want to move on, up, around, or off Capitol Hill.

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Customer Reviews

Brad Traverse is the most reliable aggregator of jobs in the DMV area. While this does not guarantee you'll get a job, it ensures you will always be on top of your job search and know what your options are. Will continue to use in the future once I restart my job search

Policy Advisor > Director of Policy and Advocacy

TraverseJobs.com has a great network of new positions in many fields. I was using it to find a position related to government affairs, and found a great new job!


Manager External Relations

Thank you Traverse Jobs for connecting me to my current job! This is the best website to find a job in DC!

Government Affairs Analyst

Whenever I am asked or whenever I know someone is looking for work in DC and/or nationally, my very first recommendation is to subscribe to Traverse Jobs. Just as I landed my first job off the Hill (way, way back when) by answering a Sunday placement ad in our major local newspaper, my last pre-retirement job move (about 9 years ago) was based on an electronic listing in Traverse Jobs. It has everything available from nearly all potential employment sources in Washington, including those of its very pricey competitors. More important, it's always flawlessly up-to-date in our modern digital age, making for quick and easy ability to express interest on the most competitive positions. You will never regret making this investment.

The Very Best Job Source in DC

Lawyer/Lobbyist (Recently Retired)

Helped me land my entry-level job in government relations as a graduating undergraduate senior. Highly recommend.

Government Affairs Associate

Whenever I'm in the market for a new position, the first thing I do is subscribe to Traverse Jobs. I've gotten so many interviews and jobs thanks to this site that I cannot recommend it enough.

Justin A.

Communications Specialist

Traverse Jobs plays a vital role for thousands of DC job seekers. The most current roles are listed in an easy-to-understand format. Thanks for helping so many people!!

Chief Revenue Officer

Highly useful insider way to a job in Washington, D.C. It’s worthy of your attention and time.


Customer Manager

I found a new position through the advanced job search on the website.

Government Relations Analyst

This site is extremely comprehensive and helpful for those considering what options are out there. Using this job board is a great strategy for those wanting quality job postings every day that are specific to public policy and the Washington, DC market. 10/10 recommend you use this as a resource in your job search, whether seriously applying or casually looking for next steps.


This was an amazing platform to house all the jobs. Easy to use. Wish that I was able to copy & paste the job descriptions, but the website did not allow that feature.


Y'all have some awesome jobs! I ended up getting a job search somewhere else but I found jobs on here that I didn't find anywhere else.

Ajay Jain

Software Engineer

I have now gotten two jobs through Brad Traverse. It's been enormously helpful!

Grant English

Grassroots Outreach Coordinator

Finding a job after graduating into a pandemic was not an easy task. Traverse Jobs definitely helped narrow my search and at the very least helped me find the position titles I needed to look for and companies I want to work for in the future.


NYS DOB Fellow

Second job I’ve gotten through this site! I’ll see you for the next opportunity!


Wonderful service! Provided a lot of jobs that I didn't see elsewhere!

Finance Associate

I scanned traverse every day to see what was available and ended up finding my dream job on here!

Government Affairs Specialist

Great site for finding positions to apply for and ultimately landing the job! Worth every penny.


I got a lot of interviews through Traverse but ended up getting a position through my personal network. Thank you for providing this resource for people on the job hunt!

Analyst, Targeted Victory

Thank you for all your help in finding a job and making it easy to cancel my subscription once I found one. Love your work. Thank you so much.

Account Director, BCW Global

I found a great job in DC!

Mollie Finnegan

Special Assistant

This site was great. It provided a substantial amount of jobs that mainstream sites did not. Although I found a job by other means, this site help me secure two interviews.

Senior Associate

This website was the reason why I got the job! I was able to apply early, and stood out from the rest!

Administrative Coordinator

Brad Traverse was a great resource when I lived in D.C. I initially moved cross-country without a job and quickly found my first D.C. role thanks to Brad Traverse. I highly recommend this site to any professional, whether you're actively looking or currently employed.

Account Manager

Jobs were posted on here before many other sites, giving applicants the leg up. Being able to customize the job announcement emails also helps sort out the noise.

Press Secretary, Congressman Glenn Thompson, PA-15

Super Helpful. Referred friends to traverse jobs for their searches.

Senate Legislative Assistant

I found my new job in D.C. through Brad Traverse. This website was very helpful, thank you!

Program Coordinator

You can guarantee that when I'm coming back on the job market I'll be back subscribed to your site.

Senior Policy Analyst

This website has always had the most comprehensive listing of jobs available in government affairs - period. I just received and accepted an offer that I found through this website. Thank you for the valuable service you provide!

Sharon S.

Director, State Government Affairs

Great site and I will be back when I am looking for another job!


Love the email updates and alerts!

Moved here one month ago and found a job so quickly!

Staff Assistant

An excellent source of job leads for the DC policy world.

Andrew Breza

Absolutely love this site! So useful.

Research Analyst

Traverse was incredibly useful to help me find a job, I've gotten two jobs through Traverse so far.


Really loved the concise nature of Brad Traverse and how all relevant jobs were listed here! Made my job search in the D.C. area very nice!

Marketing Assistant

I really appreciate everything that Traverse Jobs has offered. I was very informed with jobs and internships that were directed towards things I would enjoy and be good at.

Great resource

I used this site to find this Capitol Hill posting. A super convenient site and well worth the money.

Financial Services Counsel - Office of Congressman Warren Davidson

This site is a valuable resource when navigating the DC job market.

Senior Analyst - Delta Air Lines

I found out about my new job and then was able to leverage my contacts to get the interview. Your site was my first lead!

Senior Director of Advocacy

I never thought I'd find a job through a website ... but Brad Traverse did the trick! While your personal network is important, sometimes it pays to know everything that's out there, and Brad Traverse is invaluable--A true leader in the D.C. job search. Thank you Brad Traverse!

No sorry

Perfect for hill jobs!


I was looking for jobs constantly and it is so hard to navigate in DC. Thankfully, I was recommended this site and after a few months of my subscription and applying to jobs, I finally got one! Very thankful for the resources that have been provided to me through this site!

Senior Analyst

Second job secured through TraverseJobs.com! Using this services let's recruiters/ hiring managers know you mean business. Thank you!

Ben Kenney

Director, Government and Public Affairs

I chose bradtraverse.com because of it's price point. As a mid-level professional looking for work in the nonprofit field, I never could afford an expensive service but I could afford the minimal monthly fee for bradtraverse.com. The fee makes the service accessible to more people like me seeking "do-gooder" jobs that don't tend to pay the big bucks. I logged in every few days to find a comprehensive, regularly updated list of jobs serving the public interest, and eventually found the job I hold now at a nonprofit serving children and families across the U.S.

Senior Manager, Government Affairs

This board was my go-to for my search.

Keopu Reelitz

I have found consulting work through the list in years past and recommend it to anyone looking for a position in public policy.

Director, Healthcare Regulation & Compliance

I landed multiple interviews and a job offer through this site, even during COVID!

Congressional Operations Coordinator

Brad helped me find a ton of interviews for positions, a site I recommend for everyone.

Congressional Intern

I am such a big fan of this site and have recommended it to many friends and colleagues on the search for a dream job.

Got an interview the day after I applied and a few weeks later accepted the position!


Policy and Advocacy Specialist

Great site. No fluff, just clear job postings updated daily. Would recommend and may use in the future.


This is a great resource, and I recommend it to people looking for jobs in DC all the time!

Senior Advisor

I was exposed to a variety of opportunities through Brad Traverse that I would not have been privy to otherwise. It was especially helpful during uncertain times brought on by the coronavirus and other current events.

Haley Lacuesta

Chemical Products & Technology Coordinator

This is a great resource for anyone looking to get an idea for what jobs are out there. Even if you haven't seen the perfect job posted, keep scrolling.

Executive Director, Fairfax County Democratic Committee

Wonderful site and so helpful for finding what I was passionate about!


Capture Specialist

This is a fantastic website; my favorite of all the ones I used. I ended up getting a federal job (thankfully!) through a different route, but I know I'll come back next time.

I'd rather not say; thanks!

Found a lot of great leads in my job search from here, easily the best site that I used. Happened to end up with a job I found elsewhere but had multiple interviews from jobs I found here and could've easily ended up at one. Thank you for all your help.

Data Coordinator

Although I didn't find my current role directly through here, I found it useful to see what kind of opportunities were available and the requirements that most firms wanted.

Benjamin Khoshbin

Special Projects Coordinator, Echelon Insights

I held onto my subscription for a long time. Brad Traverse was always well- stocked with a lot of really great jobs, more than I could actually apply to. And even after I became more established in DC, when your reputation starts to kick in and you start to hear about opportunities through word-of-mouth, Brad Traverse also served as a resource to let me know who was looking for talent.

Vice President

I love the ease of the site and the email alerts to jobs. Thanks!

I found a job through this site! I applied to many, many jobs through the site, and one employer took a chance on me after I had been looking for months. I wouldn't have found it without this resource. Very grateful!


This site is really incredibly and absolutely worth the small fee associated with a membership, I found and was able to apply for internships I would never have found through other means. I did happen to secure an internship not through this site but am very grateful for the help of this site and will likely be renewing my subscription in the future!


Site was a fantastic resource, used it to get several internships. While I did not get a job through this website it worked incredibly well. I would recommend it to a friend.

Justin Sprinkle

Junior Project Manager

This site was helpful in making me aware of what sort of jobs existed outside of my network.

Federal Relations Assistant

This site really helped me determine what was out there. Roles, positions, and trending opportunities.

Senior Director

I saw a posting for the job I currently have and reached out to people I knew at the company. They helped me get it, but I would not have known about the posting if it were not for Brad Traverse. Thank you for this site!

David C


Great website and resource for job hunting. I highly recommend it.


Super helpful! Found out about my current role through Brad Traverse.

Tamlyn Sheng

Deputy Press Secretary

I am a 22 year old that had completed a handful of internships and was ready to apply to jobs. Applying for jobs on Linkedin felt hopeless, and it is hard to hear about jobs through word of mouth when you are new to the city. Brad Traverse allowed me to apply for jobs right when they became available. Every interview I got was from jobs I applied to on Brad Traverse, and the job I got was from a posting on Brad Traverse. I highly recommend this board for all job seekers. It is easily worth the $6 a month.

Court Manske


Brad Traverse is a great resource for jobs in Washington, DC. I recommend the site to anyone looking for policy, government, and legal positions.

Associate General Counsel

Thanks for helping me to look for opportunities! Over the years, I applied to many that I found on this site.


Through Brad Traverse, I was able to find a dream entry-level position. I could not imagine finding a job in DC without Brad Traverse.

Digital Associate

I didn't find my job through the site, but I saw a lot of really great opportunities and I felt much better about my prospects seeing that I had tons of options, many from the site.

Advocacy Officer

Great site, used it a lot. Was able to get a job through another pathway. Will sign up in the future again when I am looking for a new job


Yes, I received a job through bradtraverse and so did my sons. Best database in DC. Thank you!

General Counsel

I think this website offered great insight and helped me with getting interviews! I truly appreciate this company/website with my job search.

Account Executive

This helped me get an internship!


Graphic Design Intern

While I didn't find my new job through this site, I have landed several interviews because of it, interviews that have led to more open doors. Thanks for the quality posts!


Digital communications professional

I applied to a job posted on this site and got it! Thanks for the help.

Staff Assistant

I got my last two jobs via the site. If I reenter a job search I will definitely reup my subscription

Kendall Van Pool

Director of Legislative Affairs

I was hired by a previous office I had worked for as an intern, but I will continue to come back to BradTraverse the next time I am looking for a job--I got my first job through your website!

Assistant to the Chief of Staff

I may not have found my eventual job through Brad Traverse, but I got more interviews from their postings than anywhere else. Highly recommend!

Program Analyst

Brad Traverse helped me when I was in a rut professionally and helped me land my dream job within 2 weeks of being on the site

Will Schanno

Regional Data Director, NRCC

This site was great and made it easy for me to search for jobs in DC. I would recommend this site to anyone looking for their next career.

Although I did not find my job through Brad Traverse (a friend of a friend was hiring, and so it goes), the site was wonderful and so helpful to see what is out there, and what people are looking for.

Communications Director

This site was extremely helpful while job searching! It provides great opportunities and I had a high response rate when applying through Brad Traverse.


This site was super helpful, and was updated so frequently that there were always jobs to apply to

Research Analyst

Thought it was a great site if you are looking for public policy / NGO work.

VP - Development

This site was valuable in researching positions for my targeted search. I will definitely use it to post job openings when I'm ready to hire staff.

Raegan Bartlo

VP, Communications & Marketing

I love Brad Traverse. It is constantly up to date with new postings everyday. The site is easy to use, and I would strongly recommend this site to folks on all levels looking to make a career move.

Government Affairs Associate

I was very apprehensive about my prospects since it had almost been six months since receiving my degree and because of all the horror stories I heard about the DC job market. However, I was able to get my first job out of college only a month and a half after I started to seriously begin my search. It could not have been possible without this website. Thanks!

Policy Associate

Applied to the posting on Tuesday and got the job offer by Thursday!

Very thankful for this site. It made searching for a job a little less stressful by allowing me to view all the available policy jobs in one place.

Stephanie N.

Legislative Attorney

I think Bradtraverse.com is a great site. I’ve found many cool postings on it that I didn’t see elsewhere.

A terrific, comprehensive resource for job hunting in DC.

Communications Coordinator

Many interviews and opportunities came from Brad Traverse. Thank you for hosting the site and putting in the work!

Excellent site for government relations and policy oriented Jobs and internships in the D.C. Metro area. Well worth the price if this is your world. Nicely organized and user friendly. Postings include a lot of helpful details.

MedStar Family Medicine

I found and interviewed for several internships and jobs on this site before I finally chose an internship that aligned perfectly with my short term career goal while I finish graduate school.

Troy MacMullan

I found Brad Traverse's listings very helpful and am pleased to now be employed less than two months after finishing grad school!


Program Officer

I used Brad Traverse Jobs to find my first job after graduating from college. After three months, I had multiple offers and was able to land the job of my dreams!

Justin Doil

Special Assistant

I love how this site categorizes jobs and internships. It's easy to use! I plan to use it again for my next job search.


Easy Search for Law Students

It took me awhile, and I honestly did not see this coming, but I found my dream job off of this site. Seriously cannot recommend it enough.


Policy Associate

I actually didn't get a new job, but using the information about what was out there helped me to negotiate a promotion and significant salary boost at my current employer.


This site helped my job search process feel more hopeful, by letting me narrow down the search to only quality postings.


Strategy Analyst, Health Policy

This website helped me find 2 internships and my first job out of college! Thanks for this great service that I will 100% use when I start my next job search!

Field Director

Great site with interesting jobs that I actually wanted to apply to!

Mary P.

Communications Associate

Great site for up to date job openings on Capitol Hill. While I did not get my job through this site, the position was posted here and I did get numerous job interviews for other positions I applied to after finding them here. If you want to work on Capitol Hill, this is one site you should absolutely have a subscription to.

Legislative Director

This site posts job opportunities unavailable on other job boards. It's a key resource for anyone searching for job opportunities.

Nathan S.

Attorney/Compliance Professional

This is a great resource! I will definitely resubscribe when I'm looking for a new job.

Jamie Hopkins

Legislative Correspondent

If it were not for this website I would've never found my new job! Thank you for all that you do!

Michael L.

Senior Legislative Assistant

This site was great! I was able to get a great internship immediately following graduation and a great job thereafter with no overlap.

Jr. Research Assistant

Best job board in DC! Just recommended it to a younger colleague for his job search.

Director, Communications and Strategy

This site is FANTASTIC - directed me to all kinds of positions, and although the one I got wasn't posted here, it was from an employer I found here.


Fiscal Analyst

This site is great. I owe my current employment to it's up-to-date listings!

Thomas S.

Staff Assistant

Found a great job! Cannot stress how invaluable this site is!

VP, Government Relations

Great site - Kept me in the hunt when I most needed it!


Staff Assistant and Legislative Correspondent

This is the most comprehensive site out there. I visited the site everyday and everyday there were multiple new job postings. Totally worth it!

Caitlyn G.

Federal Affairs Coordinator

This was a great help during my job search. It helped decrease my job search time each day because what I would need an hour to do...I could come to this website and find all of the listings I would have found on my own within a matter of minutes!

I've used this site in the past and it was great. I had no idea I would find a job this quickly.

Denise T.

Chief of Staff

I'm now in a dream job I found on your site. =)


Thank you so much for running this website. I appreciate it so much. It was so hard to find the jobs I wanted before coming to this website. Now it's so easy (and affordable)!!

Christine Bogan

Bid Coordinator

Thanks again for this site! It really helped me to effectively navigate the job market for communications professionals in the DC Metro area! I would recommend this site to all communications thought leaders when they are actively looking to build a quality staff.

Director, Strategic Engagement

This is the best compilation of jobs in the DC Area!!

Director of Communications

Love this site! First found a paid internship and then a few months later, my first "real" job! Thanks!


Great listing, extraordinarily comprehensive.

Sr. Fellow, Personalized Medicine Coalition

I wouldn't have gotten where I am without this site.

Technology and Policy Support Officer

Good resource for those looking to get into politics.

Anthony S.

Transportation Programs Specialist

I really like this site, because it placed many job listings all in one place.


Thankful to Jesus! I was referred to this site by a co-worker. The first night, I applied to a few jobs and a dream job emailed the next day. That same day I did a phone interview with them, two days later I had an in-person, and the next day, I got the offer! Thanks for the listing!!

Administrative Coordinator

A great site for finding jobs and internships on the hill. Lots of postings you would not normally find on other sites like Indeed or Simply Hired.

Graduate Student

This website was a great resource for finding internships and job opportunities during my time at law school.


I absolutely LOVE this site. It provided me with countless leads and new avenues to discover! I highly recommend BradTraverse.com.

Stephanie W.


Thank you for helping me get three offers in a single week and finding the best job for me!

Energy Analyst

Great service! Money well spent!


I love your site and often tell the young sons and daughters who are looking for jobs and internships to join it! Coming off my disability, I know I will be using it to get back in the work force. Thanks for making a difficult search for the interesting jobs so easy!

Karen W.

Retired, Disabled Senior Advisor, U.S. Government

It took several frustrating months to find another job. But thanks to this website, my patience and persistence finally paid off. Now I'm finally relocating to DC and working for a strategy group!

Naysa W.

Political Fundraiser

I finally found a position that suits my background and skills and I probably wouldn't have found the posting elsewhere. Thanks so much!

Operations Manager

This site was very helpful in finding companies that I had never heard of so I was able to learn about opportunities I didn't even know existed.

Policy Analyst

One of the best kept secrets in Washington.


I found a job through this website! I'm moving to DC and this was a great way to get my foot in the door. I definitely recommend this site.


I found this site very useful during my job search because it updated throughout the day. It also posted everything I was finding on other sites along with new postings I'd never seen before. So in a sense, it aggregated my search, which I found to be very beneficial.


Executive Assistant

I found this site to be very helpful... I found 50+ jobs to apply for in three weeks and was employed within six weeks of my subscription.


This is a great job site chock full of exciting and interesting positions in almost every career category.


After 6 months of job searching, I found a fabulous job your site! The quality of jobs on here was great and I'm so happy to have found such a great match.

Director of Government Affairs

This is the best one-stop shopping for job hunters. No complicated web pages, no nonsense about key word searches. Just a straightforward user friendly site - and what a price! This site is my number one tool for job hunting and is better than absolutely anything else out there.

James G.

Manager, Congressional Affairs

Your website is priceless, I landed an internship in the U.S. House of Representatives! Thank you!

Ingrid N.


I enjoy using this website for searching for opportunities in and around Washington, D.C. I know that this site gets these listings before anyone else and I am pleased to have this service.

Energy Analyst

When I'm recruiting for senior jobs that require Capitol Hill and other public policy experience, I always include Brad's [website] in my advertising and outreach. It's a great way to reach qualified people quickly.

Larry S.


Within almost three weeks on the site I had two interviews and got the job!

Operations Assistant

A wide array of listings in many categories!

Strategic Accounts Coordinator

Inside the beltway jobs are simply not posted anywhere else!


Government Affairs Assitant

I got a job on Capitol Hill after applying to a position I found on your site. Thanks!

Legislative Director

This website provided great opportunity, fast and timely. Allowing me to know where to be looking for jobs, while also providing a solid overview for what the positions were looking for.

Legislative Correspondent

Employer Reviews

We were struggling to find candidates and after under a week posted with The Brad Traverse Group, we not only have candidates but a STRONG candidate pool!

Cari S.


The Bradtraverse site is great! I have found an incredibly amount of solid candidates for my permanent and temporary positions. It is one of the most valuable job portals for me to post opportunities for my non-profit, trade association, and policy related clients!

Krista M.


I used this site to recruit for a government relations manager and I got pool of strong candidates, many of them from Brad Traverse. It's a great resource and will be my first stop for my next GR recruitment.

SVP Operations

I highly recommend BradTraverse.com EVERYTIME I need to hire someone or just need an intern it is the best place to turn to - and I always get the highest quality candidates.

Lisa S.

Finance Director

Everyone I've hired in the past two years, I have found through Brad Traverse. It's where serious professionals in the policy arena go looking for jobs. You might get hundreds of resumes from sites like Indeed, and oftentimes not a single one is worth a second look.

Director of Strategic Communications

Over my 6 years in DC, Brad Traverse again and again proved to be a highly effective one stop shop for personal job searching and my hiring needs. One shouldn't look for work or try to hire without Brad Traverse's help.


Executive Director

When I'm recruiting for senior jobs that require Capitol Hill and other public policy experience, I always include Brad's [website] in my advertising and outreach. It's a great way to reach qualified people quickly.

Larry S.



Capitol Hill

Military Legislative Assistant


Bipartisan Policy Center

Food Policy Intern

Corn Refiners Association

Executive Director

Organic Trade Association

Political Law Associate

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP

Outreach Coordinator

Tammy for Illinois

Policy Communications Manager


Legislative Assistant

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney

Federal Government Affairs Associate

Corteva Agriscience


Business Development Coordinator with Law Firm– Two openings


Press Secretary/ Communications Director


Grassroots Engagement Director - Wausau, Wisconsin

International Affairs

Government Affairs

Government Affairs Director

Executive Management



Urban Education Fellowship


Legal Intern


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In addition to providing a robust job board, we also share helpful information on our blog with tips for advancing your career in the competitive environment that surrounds Capitol Hill. How do job seekers differentiate themselves from the other applicants vying for the same role? Making coffee, running copies and taking on special projects is fine – for a while. Our readers are ambitious and want the fastest path to the real policymaking DC jobs. Our news articles help provide those essential tips on landing your first – or next - Capitol Hill or private sector job.
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