Executive Recruitment Accelerating in DC Job Market

March came in like a lion, bringing a steep increase for executive openings in the DC metro area and beyond. On Traverse Jobs, the leading resource for political and PR employment opportunities, there was a more than 40 percent increase in new leadership positions. Trade associations saw the largest jump, with more than 50 Executive Director positions – denoting the top executive for most nonprofit and advocacy groups.

In much the same way openings on Capitol Hill “rebounded” in March after the initial flurry of movement immediately following the November elections, executive positions have also experienced a resurgence. As advocacy groups and trade associations have implemented new strategic plans in response to the shift of power in Congress and the changing regulatory environment, many are now seeking new leaders to implement those plans. A strong economy, along with the development of new products and industries, has also fueled the need for more executives to champion and lead newcomers into the political, policy, and PR scene in DC.

No longer is there a “wait-and-see” approach to hiring seasoned professionals. The time is now. To view our database of more than 250 executive positions and more than 5,000 political, policy and PR jobs, visit www.TraverseJobs.com.

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